Cannot log into windows



When I come to the windows logon screen i cannot log into windows, or i can
log in but it automatically logs itself off before i can do anything.
I only have one account and its an admin account. And I also know the
password to the administrator account but the same thing happens when I try
to log in with that account.

Even in safe mode the same thing happens. I have tried everything, Using a
boot cd to virus check my computer, it found nothing. My last resort would be
to format it.
But i dont want to do it, have lots of information I need there.

I have a network at home so i can acces some files on my computer from my
old computer, even if I do not log in. Which is normal, but my old computer
doesnt have any acces rights to fix anything on my main computer.

I'm using windows xp professional sp2 with all updates installed.
Like I said I have noo way to acces my computer.


"TaurArian [MS-MVP]" kirjoitti:
Possibility -

Logon - Logoff loop, also caused by BlazeFind

User Logon Request Is Rejected Without Any Messages
Thanks for the help, but i know its not the second one and the first one
didnt help, "I already tried it after searching on google" and I had some
problems with that one too because I have a sata drive... Had too manually
install the drivers just to see my windows installation and enter the right
drive in the repair console!! I think the only option i have left is to
format and reinstall windows...

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