Cannot load device driver for network adapter code 39



After cleaning a virus/trojan from my WinXP system I cannot get my network
adapters to load. In Device Manager they both have yellow exclamation marks
and the error "Cannot load device driver for network adapter (code 39)".
There are 4 other devices called "Wan Miniports" that also have the same
error. I've reinstalled windows XP, and reinstalled the device drivers
without luck. I also tried various TCP/IP and Winsock fixes without effect.
I installed a fresh copy of WinXP in another folder and everything works
perfectly so I know my hardware and internet connection are fine. This
happened to me last year and I had to reinstall my system, but it took me
weeks to reinstall my apps and get every working correctly.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! - Scott.


Additional thoughts/info:

Since I reinstalled WinXP & upgraded to SP3, the problem has got to be in
the Registry. There must be some keys that were corupted by the virus that
are preventing my network devices from loading.

Also, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP Services will not start.


Hi Scotts

I have exactly the same problem, have you found any solution?




Unfortunately No.

I narrowed the problem down to the network drivers not loading, which in
turn was causing adapters not to load. Specifically the IPsec.sys driver
would not load due to an error 24 (file not found). In Device manager select
"Show Hidden Devices" to see the hidden drivers under Plug and Play devices.
TCP/IP and Netbios also do not load but they are dependant on IPsec.

I tried swapping out the registry with a good backup copy I found, but that
did not work either, so my original assumption that it was a registry problem
is probably wrong.

I finally cut my losses and reinstalled a new system which fixed the
networking problems.

Sorry I don't have a solution for you. Good Luck!


Scotts, I solved it. Pretty simple actually.

I figured there was something wrong with the drivers, and simply removed the
whole drivers folder in windows\system32\drivers and replaced it with a fresh
folder with all the drivers. I did loose all the drivers installed later on,
but now the computer works and I can add 3rd party drivers again. An
alternative is of course to just replace the drivers files in question with
new ones. But it felt good to replace the whole thing. Now I will do a very
thorough malware scan of the whole disk.

Brgds Thomas


I did both a system repair and reinstall of XP from CD which replaced all the
system drivers, but my problem still persisted. My problem must be deeper
than yours.

Glad to know you resolved your issue.

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