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Rubens Luque Sanches Jr.


I cannot import a dynamic disk using Diskpart tool. I get the following
error in the Event Viewer:

Event ID 1500: Disk group LibraDg0: Reimport of disk group failed:

Disk group has no valid configuration copies

I removed the disk using remove command in diskpart tool.

Does anyone have any idea ?




If all else fails, you can try DiskPatch to recover the volumes as basic
partitions. DiskPatch dynamic disk support:

- Only simple volumes, that do not span multiple disks and/or 'segments',
can be recovered.
- On disks that were upgraded from a Basic disk to a Dynamic disk at some
point, a complete basic partition table layout can be re-created.
- On disks that were Dynamic from the start, per 'session', 4 volumes can be
recovered as basic and primary partitions. If the data on more than 4
volumes needs to be recovered you will need to recover the first 4 volumes,
then copy the data to a safe location and then use DiskPatch again to
recover additional volumes.
- DiskPatch can also automatically make corrections to the 'legacy'
partition table if an intact LDM is present, while no type 42h partition is
defined in the legacy partition table.

DiskPatch can be found at:

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