Cannot import C:\ .reg



I'm on XPproSPII w-all/ M$ updates / IE6 / AVG .
I made a back-up file of the Reg almost a month ago & thought I was good to
I started to edit the Reg as per instructions at a reputable website but
when I was done I saw no real improvement in download speed & decided to put
the reg back like it originally was. (via My back-up file) But when I select
to Merge the .reg file I'm confronted with the following popup type error:

Cannot import C:\???.reg: Not all data was successfully written to the
registry. Some keys are open by the system or other processes.

Things I have tried;
I have gone through the reg looking for any open keys & have found none at
all !!
I have also looked through the Event Viewer & I see nothing pointing towards
I Created a new file of the Reg(today) & tried to merge it & I get the same
My google skills are not all that & I couldn't find anything so I gave up &
came here.

John John

Are you trying to restore a one month old registry file? What exactly
was this "backup"? A complete hive or the full registry?

Use System Restore and the newest restore point before the changes to
undo the changes that you made to the registry.



Note that 'Merge" and "Import" are not the same. Merge involves specific
Hives and is restricted to the HKEY_USERS and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE keys.

Import replaces the current Registry with a backup. If the computer is
functioning OK - why try to import the backup?


I thank you both for you help/response.
Yes My box is working fine other than the fact that when I select to merge a
reg file I get a popup-error & It's purely due to this issue that I'm
From the file menu within the Reg editor I selected to export the entire Reg
as a back up. Ive done it many other times on many other Machines but I never
seen one not merge back in & it is because of this that I became concerned,in
short due to the fact that the file won't go in cause's Me to wonder "if
there is something wrong with My OS" ?
Once agin I thank you for your help & if I understand you correctly AJR
you're saying that one should open reg edit & select import from the file
menu then navigate to the backup reg file & put it in that way ? I'll try it .
But what bothers Me is "Ive never had to do this in the past,I've always
just rite-clicked on a reg file & selected merge.

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