Cannot find any BCM databases on the computer



We have BCM installed on a few different computers in our office and we have
been using a shared database successfullly for a few months now.

I added a new user profile on one of the computers today and that profile is
unable to connect to our shared BCM database. The message is "Cannot find
any Business Contact Manager databases on the computer ..." That same
computer continues to connect fine to BCM with another user ID.

The problem must be related to the user ID somehow but I can't come up with
any ideas on what the problem could be. I used the database tool on the
server to grant access to this user and no errors were reported. I have gone
back into that tool and this user does show up as having access. Next, I
verified this new user is a member of the same groups as other members who
are able to connect.

Finally - I am able to establish a connection with the database instance:

sqlcmd -S "tcp:<ourServer>\mssmlbiz,5356"

The error message is not suggesting the user cannot connect to the DB - just
that once connected no databases of the "BCM type" are found. One other
piece of information is that the database is integrated with Microsoft Office
Accounting (which puts many tables into that DB). But - if MOA were the root
cause I wonder why the other user ID can still connect from the same machine.

Any ideas?




We are having the same issue. BCM works fine for another user acct on the
same computer, but will not find the database when logged into the newest
user acct. The database has been shared to this person in the database mgmt
tool. We have been running BCM successfully in a networked environment for
about 1.5 years.
I uninstalled and re-installed BCM on the end user computer, it did not help.


We are having the same issue here. Only one user unable to connect via BCM.
I've completely deleted the user account on all machines, rebuilt it and it
still won't work. Did anybody find a solution?


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