Cannot delete folder from desktop... 'Item not found'



Type in a command prompt

Dir "c:\Crookers - Knobbers remix.*"/s /a

which will search the whole hard drive



I was struggling from this issues from last 2 years. On my desktop, there were 5 folders that I was not able to delete/ move/ cut/ recycle bin/ refresh. Even my computer admin did not offer much of help to me.

But your post really did th emagic. I am so happy. And thanks a zillion for posting this robust process and perfect cure for the problem rather than merely guessing something which is not working out.

Great. Thanks

Swapnil, INDIA


Hi there,

Can anyone help me?? I have an empty folder on my desktop that I cannot
delete. I get this message when I try and delete it....

Could not find this item.
This is no longer located in C:\Users\Marianne\Desktop. Verify the item's
location and try again.

Its driving me crazy so any help would be much appreciated!

This was mentioned by someone before but it worked for me. FYI the folder i can't delete is within another folder on my desktop....

1. I created a new folder and didn't rename it, in the same location as the one that won't delete.
2. i dragged the new folder into the folder that wouldn't delete which created a duplicate of the same folder.
3. i created two more 'new folders' without renaming them and dragged one into each of the previous two existing folders.
4. from my desktop, i dragged the folder that has the folders within that won't delete into my recycle bin which was a success - i then emptied my recycle bin.

Hope this helps!

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