cannot change back to nt domain logon setting from workgroup logon setting



Hi everybody

One of the W2K Pro PCs in our NT domain network had to be briefly
disconnected from the network to make a temporary connection with another
external computer. This was done through a separate hub (where no other PC /
servers were present) and by way of setting up a workgroup.

However after returning the PC to the NT domain, I am no longer able to log
on, as I am now asked for a password (which I wasn't before) on the NT
domain logon, in effect locking me out from the PC. That in turn means that
I can not go into the computer and change back my network settings. I am not
even able to a local logon to the PC.

Another strange thing has happened: Even though I set up this temporary work
group OUTSIDE my NT domain network (on a separate hub), now that the PC has
returned to that domain, the workgroup appears on the domain.

Anyway, the main thing is to be able to logon to the PC and change my
network settings from workgroup back to NT domain settings.

Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks in advance.




Phillip Windell

You have to logon with the *local* administrator account. The third line of
the login should be the machine's name.

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