Cannot access internet after upgrading hardware



I cannot get an internet connection to work, although networking appears to
be fine. I took my old hard drive and put it into a new machine with new
MOBO and memory and processor. Went through WinXP repair procedure, had to
re-activate WinXP, and everything came up fine and started working. Loaded
all drivers for new hardware on the MOBO, including for the onboard LAN. Now
I cannot connect to the internet. I can ping local host with no problem.
"Sometimes" I can ping my router gateway. Even had one time when the router
DHCP actually assigned me a IP address but would not let me access internet.
Two other computers on the network are getting DHCP address from the router
and are accessing internet just fine. When I launch the browser, all I get
is a 404 page error. IPCONFIG at command prompt will usually show a 169 IP
address assigned by the computer although on occasion it will indicate a
router assigned 192 address. Any attempt to renew will get an error message,
of different types, usually talking about trying to access a winsock that is
not there. Any suggestions? Could there be some "crud" left over from the
old system that is interfering with the winsock or the LAN? When I do the
IPCONFIG, it will show 3 network adapters, although I only have one in the
system. One is named correctly. One just has a long number associated with
it and the third is some kind of tunneling adapter. Any clues?


Check your eventviewer logs for any warnings or errors.

Go into device manager and check for any warnings and uninstall all the
network adapters. Reboot. Make sure windows have install the right drivers
for the network card. Check that the router has assigned an address to the
client. Check that your firewall is configured to allow connections from the


Thanks, Beb. I have done all that, but to no avail. What concerns me is
that only one network adapter shows up in Device Manager. I remove it and
reboot and reinstall it. However, the other two adapters that show up in
IPCONFIG do not appear anywhere in Device Manager. I don't know how to get
rid of them or whether they are even part of the problem or how to find out.
There is no name on them to associate them with any device.
Even when I have an IP address from the router, and I can ping the router
gateway and can ping the local host, I cannot ping any other internet
location and the browser will not let access to any internet sites.

Len Mattix

There can be a problem if you physically remove hardware, especially NICS,
from your computer without uninstalling them (and any associated software)
from XP. They end up being "ghost devices" and can royally screw-up your

You MAY be able to delete them while in safe mode, may have to do a "show
hidden devices" from the VIEW menu. Unfortunately this does not always work
but is worth a try. Otherwise the only method that has worked for me is
major registry hacks which are not recommended for the faint at heart or for
that matter the average user. Maybe someone else will have an additional

Good Luck,

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