Canceling Sky

Aug 13, 2008
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Hi everyone not been on the forums for ages because I've been swamped at uni and I've not got any internet (which is the main reason for this topic).

Basically I ordered Sky on the 9th of september 2009(2009 seems obvious but it has its part to play). I was meant to be getting Sky HD free talk and ultimate broadband. I paid for a line instalation to the house i was moving into. I was told it would all be up and going on the 30th of september. But im still waiting. So to cut a very long story a bit shorter. I phoned up to say my line had not been installed and was told that sky had no idea i was getting a line installed(funny that after i paid them £39 to do it and got two letters to confirm it) they told me they installed my line while i was on holdl. But when i phoned up to order my router for my broadband they told me that the line had been installed in to the wrong house, and that I would have to phone BT and get it changed, BT told me to get Sky to phone them and sort it out. So I phoned sky and was told i would all be fixed and id be called the next day to confirm that it had been fixed. I never got any call. So I sent a little email which i got a reply to that told me that I HAD received my sky router and that infact i had got it in december of 2008????? so im pretty peeved

So im wondering will i be able to send all my sky stuff back and cancel my subcription before my 12 month is up as they've not done what they said they would do when i ordered my sky package. I've been waiting for internet and phone for over 5 weeks?

any help would be appreciated

sorry about any typos im pretty tired and grumpy:mad:.






Feb 23, 2002
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What a horrible situation! I'd give them a ring rather than e-mail as you can explain the problem to them live, without getting a canned response from them. Tell them that you're fed up and what a balls up they have made - they have got it so wrong that I'm sure it would get escalated and sorted pretty quick :)

Good luck!

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