Can U upgrade workgroup clients (non-domn) with WIn 2K Server??



I just took my first IT job (GREEN) and I am wondering
if I can upgrade client work stations from a client
server, is that option available to me in a workgroup
setting. All the clients are WIN 98 and I want to upgrade
them to WIN 2K. cCn I share the I386 setup files off the
WIN 2K Server (are they usable) and either push the
upgrade from the server to the client or using the \I386
\winnt32.exe command from the client end? Remember I am
on a (9 client- 1 server) work group, not a domain-
active directory situation??

Clueless in Seattle



Daniel Chang [MSFT]

There are several methods used to deploy Windows 2000 Professional. The
method you've described should work: you can create a network share
(accessible to your Win98 machines) on your Windows 2000 Server containing
the flat image from the Windows 2000 Professional media (\i386) directory
and launch winnt32.exe from the client-side.

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