Can not install W2k SP4 - w/o net access



Hi - and thanks for any help.
After replacing drive, new install of W2k, can not connect to the net.
Downloaded SP4 and transfered to the target computer. While running SP4, it
fails - with not finding files. Is there any way around not connecting to
the net? (I am awaiting the Motherboard drivers). Thanks, again.


Thank-you for the info and instructions. I will do as you suggested, and
should work. THanks again, John.

John John

You're welcome. I also should have mentioned in my other post that the
very first set of drivers to install after the installation of any
operating system are usually the chipset (motherboard) drivers. How
other hardware, fixes or drivers are installed or applied can be
significantly different depending on whether the chipset drivers are
installed or depending on how the instructions are handled by the
chipset. Some fixes may not be appropriate with certain drivers and
others may only be effective if the drivers are installed. If I were
you I would wait for the motherboard drivers or download them from the
motherboard manufacturer's web site.


Lars Sand

I have a similar problem. I am running a Windows 2000 Danish version on a
closed network, and i need to update it. Since it is on a closed network (for
security reasons) i cant just plug it on to the internet and download all the
updates automaticly.

I tried to follow the link above but it seems to be dead.

Is there anywhere else i can download the service packs for the danish
version of Windows 2000?

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