Can not access encrypted file Win 2000 Pro



I have Win 2000 Pro SP 4.

I encrypted several files and now I can't "un-encrypt" them. I can't access

I tried doing the normal procedure:

Right click, properties, in the general tab click advance and un-check
contents for secure data "

After doing this and click apply or OK, the computer gives me this error

Dialog box says : "Error applying attributes. File nameXYZ Access

I guess I created these file in another account in my own computer but both
the old account and the new account have administrator privileges. I also
change the ownership from and old account to the new account and still can
get access. Also logged in as the old administrator and that didn't work

I don't remember if when I did the encryption I had to put a password but
when a try different things doesn't ask me for a password either.




Hello Prieto,

You have to use the account that have encrypted the file's or the administrator
account from that machine on that you encrypt the file's, if this account
has the right to decrypt. Not possible on another machine with another account,
even admin or user. For another machine you have to export and import the
certificate from the original machine/user to the new machine.

Best regards

Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers
no rights.

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