can I restore the Windows RE to my computer?



I previously posted questioning the presence of a unnamed 10GB partition on
my HD. I fount out this WAS (I emphasize WAS) where my Dell PC shipped with
the Windows Vista RE installed. It turns out that the installation of
software for my Seagate external HD somehow went to that partition and
screwed up the whole thing (how it installed to an UN-NAMED drive is beyond
me, as well as Seagate and Dell).

Anyway, Dell tells me that once the RE is gone from that partition I can no
longer access RE from my PC, rather I would need the installation DVD.

My questions are:
1- IS there a way to replace the Windows RE to the 10GB un-named partition?
2- Is it really that necessary as I have the Vista DVD with RE on it?
(understanding that if I lose the DVD, I'm out of luck)

Thanks again for your assistance...

Rick Rogers

Hi Matthew,

The RE volume is part of Dell's disk image they use when they build a
system. Once lost, there isn't going to be a way of recovering it. As long
as you have one of their recovery disk sets, you don't need it anyways.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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