Can hear audio, but get no video in embedded movie



Hi All

Driving me nuts this.

Standard PowerPoint file that consists of about 15 slides, which each have
general text and an embedded WMV file (small movie clip).

In order for the movie clip to play the user has to click on the movie.
Standard stuff.

All movie (wmv) files are in the same folder as the ppt file so file paths
are all relative and all small.

This same ppt file has worked fine on 5 different makes of laptop, including
one that is the same make as the laptop that I'm having problems with.

The problem is that I have an Ergo Ensis laptop running WinXP Pro SP1 and
when I click on the wmv movies to play them from within ppt, the movie clip
changes to a white box and then starts to play the audio. Even though I can
initially see the beginning of the video as soon as I click on the movie it
turns into a white box and then the audio starts.

If I double-click on the wmv files themselves then these open up and play in
Windows Media Player without any problems.

Laptop was running DirectX 8 and Windows Media Player 8 so updated these to
DirectX 9 and Windows Media Player 9, but made no difference.

Turned hardware acceleration completely off, but still made no difference.

Any ideas?



Not sure, but I would try the following:

* Update to SP2 (including all post-SP2 fixes)
* Update to Windows Media Player 11
* See if there are any updates for the version of PowerPoint you're using
(or get the latest version)
* Install / update Flash Player, Shockwave and JRE

Best Wishes,

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