Video skip



I captured a video from my camcorder with the "high quality video (large)"
setting in Windows Movie Maker. I saw the resulting .wmv file in Windows
Media Player, the video was fine and fluid. Then I built my movie in Movie
Maker and saved it to my computer with the "high quality video (large)"
setting. I played the resulting .wmv file in Windows Media Player and the
video was skipping once in a while, the audio
was fine.
Can you help ?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

When you saved the file in WMM, did you walk away from the PC, stop all
extra programs from running and just leave the program until it had
finished? You don't want to be surfing, answering email, playing music etc


I followed the advices of your web page.
My CPU is 2.4 GHz
I did a defrag, just before the capture.
I closed all programs with Enditall.
The only thing I couldn't improve was the hard disk of my notebook has 5 400
But the capture produced a fine .wmv file.
It's after I add the clips to the timeline and save the movie to computer
that the video is not as fluid as the captured video.
I added the captured .wmv file into MyDVD software, then I edited the movie
there (with scene detection) and saved the movie as an MPEG file and the same
problem happened !

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