Can anyone answer this?



Ok here is the problem i have (stupid one i think).
I'm trying to setup a small network with one PC running
W2K Advanced server two PC's running W2K Pro one WinXP and
one Win98. The W2K AS pc is also a DNS Server. I hooked
all the pc in the network pinged the machines from every
machines... works fine!!! BUT i cannot see the server icon
in My network Places in the machines nor i can see the
other machines on My network Places of the server. I can
copy, paste cut browse between all the machines but i can
see the server although i can ping it OK!!!!
Any suggestions


The non-visible pcs are present on the network if you can ping. Try
mapping the pc you don't see.

net use h: \\pcname\share_resource
No machines on the Network Places is a NetBIOS problem, as I know, like
a remanent of the past network protocol standars.
All pcs must have the same Group & same IP family, for best networking


They are at the same group and IP range (192.168.1.x)
I'll try your suggestion and see if i can get anything.
Thank you

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