Can a previously archived folder accept new emails via drag and drop?



Can someone confirm for me that this really works. I archived my old
email via the traditional way and have subsequently just dragged and
dropped some new emails into the archive folder. Do this subsequent
and one-by-one approach work so that those dragged emails are now off
the server and on my c drive in the archive pst file? Please confirm
if you know. Thanks

Russ Valentine

Confirm if we know what? You have provided no information with your post. We
don't know your Outlook version, we don't know your transport type, we don't
know what you mean by "via the traditional way," we don't know what "sever"
you're using.
At a minimum, you should create a post that includes that information.

Dave Warren

In message <[email protected]> "Russ Valentine"
Confirm if we know what?

My guess would be he's asking to confirm whether his above-described
actions result in the above-described result.

In other words, he's asking whether dragging mail from "the server"
(Exchange or IMAP would seem to be likely here, since otherwise there
wouldn't be a server to drag from) to his mounted Archive PST is similar
to using "the traditional way" (of archiving -- aka, the archive

Original poster: Have I understood your question correctly? You want to
know for certain that dragging messages from your Exchange or IMAP
account to your Archive PST removes the messages from the server similar
to how the built-in archive tool does?

If I've understood correctly then the answer is that yes, this should


Yes, Dave, you understood me correctly. (Russ, I was asking to
confirm the question in the subject line.) I am simply dragging a
single new email from my Inbox (which is on the server, sorry I don't
know what server my company is using) to my Archive/Inbox that was
created from a prior archiving of a big group of emails within a
designated time range via File/Archive. Dave, you answered that my
actions do remove the mail from the server and now I just want to be
sure that if I were ever to restore my archived emails, say to another
computer, that the emails I dragged into the archive/inbox folder have
been added to the archive pst file(?) just like those that were added/
created when I did the original archive via File/Archive.

I use Outlook 2003.

Thank you for your replies.

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