Call of Duty 2


Todd Smith


I justed loaded Call of Duty 2 and tried to change some options and Windows
Vista 5536 would not let it save the options, Error from Call of Duty,
Unable to save disk probably full.

Does anyone else have this problem?




Well i'm having a diferent probelem with Call of Duty 2 and Vista RC1...

after connecting to any multiplayer server i get disconnected after a minute
or so by PunkBuster with error message that i was kicked because of "too
many session restarts".

i contacted Evenbalance (punkbuster makers) and they told me to use some of
their setup/updates programs and i did... but after that i get again
disconnected and now even my graphics (in main menu) gets corrupted so i
can't read anything. all i can do is Alt+F4.

i'm running it on
P4 3.0 Ghz
1024 MB RAM
Radeon X800 (with latest omega drivers)
and Vista RC1

drives me crazy to be honest :(




Sounds like the limit on the IP connections they had with WINxo sp2. Might
be a reg fix for that I'll look into it

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