Calendar Printing Assistant duplicates appointments



I have a user who is a delegate on the president of our organization's
Calendar. She has Office 2007 installed on her PC and the president
has Office 2000 installed on his. She is trying to use the Calendar
Printing Assistant add-in to print the president's calendar, however
when she selects his calendar in the Printing Assistant, it shows
duplicate appointments. These appointments do not show duplicated
when viewed on Outlook (either 2007 or 2000). Any suggestions as to
why the duplicates show up when using the Calendar Printing Assistant?

Any help would be appreciated.



Have you seen a solution for this? I'm running into the same issue...I've
traced it back to the fact that the delegate in question has the person's
entire mailbox added into their exchange profile. When I remove the mailbox
from outlook, the duplicate appointments go away. (But the user in question
needs to use that at best, I'm using two different profiles)


end of line,

Reed Wiedower

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