Calendar - Archive and Sync with Blackberry



Hi all,

My colleague is using Outlook 2003 on a Windows XP machine, the mailbox
is on Exchange 2003 Server. He also uses a Blackberry Mobile.
He uses Outlook Web Access to view his emails on his blackberry and
used the blackberry redirector to sync his calendar and contacts.

The problem he has is that he is an Archive Calendar with appointments
in the future where as his normal Calendar there is no appointments
from Jan 09 onwards. Also the archive calendar has all his past
appointments 2 weeks ago backwards.

I would like to know how to move all the archive appointment from the
present onwards back to the normal calendar.

His Blackberry has all his appointments and tried to sync it back which
did not work.

Also I noticed his personal folder.pst is on his desktop???! I don't
think it should be on there, is there a way to move it without
effecting his Outlook?

Thank you for reading this and I would really appreciate any help.





Diane Poremsky [MVP]

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