Cached Exchange mode problem



Dear ALL,

I am using outlook 2003 on winXP Pro and i have set up an MS exchange
account on outlook. Cached Exchange mode is enabled.
When a new user account (mail-enabled) is added to my company's Active
Directroy, the address book on my outlook is not updated. I can't find that
user's email on my address book in outlook 2003.

But if i disable the cached exchange mode and restart outlook, i can find
the new user's email.

Is there any methods to synchronize the address book (with enabled cached
exchange mode) after new user account is added to Active directory?

Thx a lot


Thanks for your help.

but I can find the new staff in "All Users" list but not in "Global address

Ben M. Schorr - MVP

Even after downloading the address book? Sounds like your Offline Address
Book may not be completely generated yet. You might wait until tomorrow and
see if it shows up - or you'll have to go into your Exchange server and try
to have it manually rebuild your Offline Address Book. That's not hard to
do if you know how.


Ben M. Schorr, OneNote-MVP
Roland Schorr & Tower
Microsoft OneNote FAQ:

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Just to conclude this post... In my experience you need to regenerate the OAB
on the server before downloading it again. When you click to download it on
the client, you will just be downloading an old versionof the OAB. So, regen
the OAB on the server, then download new one.

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