Cached Credentials and Forgotten Password



I've got a domain user (non-AD), who travels with his laptop a lot. He
always logs on using cached credentials when he's away from the office.
He forgot his password, so now he can't log on.

The laptop is running Windows XP SP2.

Is there a halfway easy method of changing the cached password?

Admiral Q

The only way I know that works is for a "Domain Admin" to change it, then
have him/her log into the domain - it will the recache the profile with the
new password - to my knowledge only the "user" him/herself can change the
cached password, and then only if they remember the "old" password to get in
to start with - I'm not sure if a cached profile of a "Domain Admin" can
change it or not, but I'm sure a "Local Admin" would not.

Star Fleet Admiral Q @ your service!
"Google is your Friend!"


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