Business to Ultimate upgrade



I have a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ430N. It came with Vista Business preloaded. I have
the options to do a quick upgrade to Ultimate, but when this feature runs,
it opens IE7 and a message telling me I cannot continue because it is not
available on my region (actualy I am in Brazil).
I don't understand this issue, because I have made international purchases
over the web (for example: I have bought Money and downloaded it from MS).
Why is it so (this restriction saying it is not available)?
Some questions:
1 - I was told that Vista Ultimate is already inside my computer, but it
would only be active through necessary upgrade key code to activate the few
extra features not available with Business version. What I understool from
this (if it true) is that, if I make a legal upgrade purchase on the license
code, I would automatically have it on my Notebook without necessarily
having to download the Ultimate version. Is this correct? If so, could I buy
the upgrade license code to Ultimate Vista?
2 - If not, is it necessary to buy a normal Vista Ultimate upgrade license?
Would that be available for Vista Business users (at cheaper price than
normal upgrade from XP versions)? Would I have to make the download or
purchase of the physical copy of the Ultimate Version?
THanks and best regards




I don't know about brazil version, but the U.S. version was easy to upgrade.
I installed business edition on my laptop and later bought the key using
anytime upgrade. It took it awhile to do the actual upgrade but after that
everything worked fine.

I wonder if anytime upgrade isn't available yet in Brazil?


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