Building blocks and doc properties



I have been experimenting with Building Blocks in Word 2007 and I have a
question to which I can't find an answer either in Help or even after a 45
minute search of the internet.

This hunt started after I began to play with the Cover Page gallery and
found a cover page I wanted to use. The fields one fills out are linked to
the Document Properties and the Author and Title were automatically populated
from what I typed on the Cover Page.

There was a field "Author" that I want to redefine as the "Subject" so that
the Subject doc property will be populated, not the Author property.

Question: How can I change the link for a field? Or, if I must, how do I
create a Building Block item that is linked to the Doc Properties?

Thank you all.



Stefan Blom

The "fields" you are referring to are actually content controls (a new
feature of Word 2007).

To create a custom cover page with the controls that you want, do the
following: First insert the cover page that is similar to what you want.
Select and delete the Author content control and insert a Subject control
from Insert tab | Quick Parts | Document Property. The next step is to select
the contents of the cover page and then, on the Insert menu, click Cover Page
| Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery. Specify the name that you want. For
"Save in," accept the default (Building Blocks.dotx) or pick a different

If/when you are prompted to save the template, choose to do so.

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