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I am creating a custom Cover Page with my own content e.g. logo and text as
well content controls inserted via the Developer tab. I have used two rich
text controls, one with the Title field named, Title, and the other Title
field named, Subtitle.

After this cover page has been saved to the Cover Page Gallery and then
inserted into a new document, I add appropriate text to both of the fields,
Title and Subtitle, expecting to see the Title tag/field of Document
Properties automatically populated with the text from content control, Title.
This normally happens if I have used a Built-In cover page from the gallery.

I am sure there is a valid explanation but would be grateful for anyone
could enlighten me. Many thanks in advance.



Jay Freedman

The content controls in the built-in cover pages are mapped to XML data in
the document, which makes them change the document properties entries. Your
custom cover page doesn't have that mapping yet.

See http://gregmaxey.mvps.org/Mapped_Content_Control.htm for explanation and
an add-in that makes custom mapping easier.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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