bt home hub usb issue



hi all,

my friend has had a bt home hub for a while, and despite many initial
problems has had it working properly for some time. however yesterday
he was on the internet and then his computer turned off very suddenly,
and turning it back on would get to the point after the windows loading
bar where the sreeen is black before the cursor appears but no further.
after a while and some experimenting i found that if you unplugged the
bt home hub from the usb port, the pc would continue to load, but even
if you did this and plugged it back in once windows loaded, you could
not get onto the internet. also, the pc would not shut down unless the
hub was unplugged.

once i found this i switched the usb cable for an ethernet one, and the
pc starts up and shuts down fine and the internet works fine. to be
honest i think ethernet is better and will suggest he keeps using it
but being a computer-savvy person i just wondered if anyone could tell
me how to fix this problem or why it could have happened; just for my
own knowledge?

pc is running windows xp home sp2

thanks a lot,



You should now try a different USB device so as to see if the USB port,
the one that the BT home hub was using, is working. If this different
USB device is not working, then the USB port might be blown or dead.
It may have received a power surge.

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