Browsing problems in Vista x64 /IE 7


Trond Ruud

In Vista x64 and IE7, I am suddenly no longer able to log in to my user
account at Norway's biggest online newspaper forum, but it works fine in
Mandriva Linux 2009, which I have on the same machine, using the same
internet cable connection.

After trying to login the address field is always changed to:

"Navigation to the webpage was canceled" is displayed in IE7

I have tried installing Firefox 3.0.8 and Opera 9.64 and browse and login
from there, but Firefox is not even able to navigate to the forum, and
claims it cannot be found.(!?) (same with Opera)

I have tried flushing and renewing the dns cache with ipconfig, and stopping
and restarting the dns dervice several times, but that doesn't help.

My antivirus/firewall is Norton 360 version 3.0 and I have tried to turn off
traffic restrictions for both IE7 and Firefox, so now I'm forced to use
Mandriva Linux, instead of Vista to reach the forum. Which is cumbersome and
not an ideal situation. To put it mildly.

I have tried everything I know to fix the problem. Even bought and run
theSUPERAntiSpyware Professional and CleanMyPC - Registry Cleaner utilities,
which were recommended to me by a local computer guru. (in addition to daily
virus scans with Norton 360)

So now I wonder if you have any suggestions, since it seems to be isolated
to Vista?

Trond Ruud,



Vanshaj Daga

Try to add your forum site including the path it uses for login routine to
your "trusted site zone" in tools>options>security of your IE 7. I hope after
this it will work.

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