Bright white light


Roger Johansson

It feels very safe to stare into the sun. Then you do not have to be
afraid that somebody is going to suddenly shine a strong light in your

If you set you monitor to low intensity and use bright white
backgrounds all the time you don't have to worry about web sites that
use bright white backgrounds.

But you will lose something important.
Pictures and icons on your computer screen always look duller and
darker than the background. Because no color can be more intensive than
bright white.

If you instead set your background to some less intensive color the
pictures and the icons can be both brigher and duller than the
background. And you can use bright white for smaller details, or white
text to catch the attention.

The problem today is that many web sites use bright white backgrounds,
so you better get used to it and set your own computer to bright white

Or find a solution which changes the bright white backgrounds on the
web into some less intensive color.

You could use Proxomitron and the filter called Dim bright backgrounds.

Or set your browser to use your own colors, overriding the web site

I have written a user.css for Opera browser which does this.

* { background-color: #DDDAD2 !important; font-family: "Times New
Roman", Times, serif !important; font-size: 14pt !important; color:
black !important; line-height: normal !important;}
a { color: #000099 !important; }
a:hover { color: #205000 !important; }
a:visited { color: #951A3B !important; }

Put that in a file and call it user.css
Put it in the profile/styles/user folder, and set Opera settings to
point to that style sheet.
Enable both the site style sheet and "My style sheet" so you get the
web site layout from the site, but override the colors and font with
your own style sheet.

It makes for example wikipedia look basically like before, but now the
beckground color is light beige and you can decide for yourself what
font and font size to use, by changing the user.css file after your own
taste, unless you like Times 14p like me.

I have Opera set to user mode as default, with this combination of the
site style sheet and my own style sheet. All web sites now looks like
they use my own colors and my favorite font. If I want to see what a
site looks like in original I just click on the user/site mode button.

You might ask, why not just mark the "use my colors and font"
alternative in the settings?
Because it gives much less satisfying results, is the answer.



Roger Johansson

you reckon?

I was talking figuratively, I really hope I did not inspire anyone to
really stare into the sun.

By the way, I only published the first part of that article here in
acf, the full article was published in alt.philosophy. It's about doing
this in a mental way which is common in our culture and is defined as
the normal state of mind.

To a lot of people love is a sin, a fall from the normal... yeah they
are really crazy.
They are the ones who think that bright white backgrounds is a good
idea, too.

But that is another story, and it is not about freeware.




It feels very safe to stare into the sun. Then you do not have to be
afraid that somebody is going to suddenly shine a strong light in your

Thanx for that.

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