Bottom right corner of screen is blank



Frequently, shortly after starting a windows vista session the bottom right
corner of the screen above the start bar shows an area about 5 centimetes
square which is all white. This stays for several minutes and then
disappears. I can select the top left corner of the area and drag it to make
the area smaller, but it is always on top.

Does anyone have any idea how I can identify what is running to produce this

I am concerned that this may grow to cover the whole of the screen.

I am running Windows Vista home premium on a Toshiba laptop.

Mark L. Ferguson

There many apps that use a 'Notification balloon" for things like email,
connection status, device status, and so on. It's a good bet one of those
type apps you have running from startup is not working well.
Windows Defender/tools menu/"System Explorer" might help you isolate it.
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Mark L. Ferguson

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