Bottom explorer bar gone...



I am running on a Dell PC w/ Windows xp. All of a sudden
my bottom bar is gone, my computer is telling me i have to
reinstall my printer, it wont let me run system restore,
and a bunch of other things are going wrong. I havent
downloaded anything to my knowledge that would have done
this. Can anyone please try to help?




Paul B T Hodges

Do you have anti virus software installed? Viruses can have some peculiar

and a firewall

These are both FREE. There are others. You need this kind of software these
days before going anywhere near the internet.
Aslo make sure you stay up to date with all the security patches.

What bar has disappeared, do you mean the task bar, the one with the start
button and the clock ?

If it is the task bar, has it reappeared down the side of the screen? Have
you set the taskbar to autohide ?
Try moving the mouse slowly towards the edge of the screen and see if it
comes back. If it does right click on it and select properties.
See if autohide the taskbar has a tick next to it.

Is a reason given for having to reinstall the printer ?
Does your printer have a USB connection which you have unplugged or fallen
out :)

What other things are going wrong?

Best Wishes


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