Booting XP stuck at logo



Hello. I posted this problem couple of weeks ago. I rebooted my win XP and
got stuck at the win XP logo without going anywhere. I tried F8 and can't go
to safe mode either. I bios I indicated to start with CD and restarted with
the XP CD and no run. Started with floppy and no run. Diagnosis showed Error
code 0F00:136 C when the cd was in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with
the cd, it is fresh out of the envelope. The exact message says: IDE device
failed. Blank media or no media is present in optical drive. Test requires
media with digital data (resource cd, installation cd).

The system has a DVD drive also and I have tried that for rebooting and
nothing. What seems to be the problem here? I appreciate any help to resolve
this issue. The system as is pretty much useless without booting. many thanks
in advance!



Colin Barnhorst

To boot with the dvd drive you need to select it in place of the cd drive in
the BIOS boot order.

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