Bookmark Question


Rob Hargreaves

Hi I need to add bookmarks to the same place in a page over 100 pages.

I have recorded a macro and it gives me the lines of code below where I am
entering a test value instead of a bookmark.

Selection.MoveDown Unit:=wdLine, Count:=39
Selection.TypeText Text:="Test Value"

I would like to be able to add a new bookmark, and name it by the name

so the bookmark on page one would be named bookmark1
page 2
etc etc

I know the code to add a bookmark and to specify the name -

Bookmarks.Add "bookmark name"

thanks for any help!


Daiya Mitchell

The second version of your question did make much more sense, just by the
way. But still the same recommendation:

Questions about macros are better directed to a group that specializes in
Word VBA aka Word Programming, for instance:

[you may need to re-wrap the URL if not clickable]

If just beginning with macros, this group is for beginners:

There are many more people in those groups who have the ability to answer
your question, so you will probably get a better and faster answer.

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