Blurred Video/DVD



Can someone please advise? How can I get MPEG quality video playback from
MovieMaker? I have to convert to AVI format to synchronise audio and video
audio but the quality of the video itself is not as clear in AVI than it is
on MPEG. I quite like MovieMaker but I don't like how the quality of the AVI
playback is not as clear. Can someone tell me how I can or to what file
should I convert the finished movie to so that it is clear when I play it on
my DVD player? Much appreciation...thanx.




At what stage is the quality going down? How are you capturing your movie in
the first place? Is it in DV AVI format? If not then you should use this
setting. You would need a firewire card and cable to be able to use this

After editing in MM You should be saving your movie in DV AVI format too.
Only exception to this is if your source material is mostly still
pictures... in which case you should save your final movie from Movie Maker
using one of the high quality WMV profiles. Most DVD making programs can
make the DVD directly from WMV movie as well as DV AVI saved from Movie

What program are you using to convert to MPEG2 and make the DVD?

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