Blurred Fonts...



The fonts on the desktop are "blurred" or "garbled". Also
when IE is open to the right of the navigation icons,
there should be a solid color (empty space), but there is
a mesh of colors instead.

This all started when I rebooted my computer after
playing quake2 and zdoom for the first time, and my
laptop displayed came up at what looked like 320x200 and
256 colors. When I changed the display properties back to
32bit color and 1280x1024, (which was working just fine
before) the resolution is fine, but there is a blurred
effect on all the fonts (like a deep shadow). I've tried
reinstalling display drivers to no advail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Phil \(a.k.a. purplehaz\)

Right click desktop, properties, appearance tab, effects, check the box to
smooth the edges of fonts and choose cleartype.


making changes via the display properties popup does not
resolve the issue. There is still what appears to be a
pallet, color depth issue, in that solid colors are not
displayed correctly, and the fonts are garbled.


Phil \(a.k.a. purplehaz\)

It has to be either direct x or video drivers. Seems those games messed
something up. Try updating drivers from makers website. Maybe even remove
the card from device manager then reinstall with current drivers. Check
monitor drivers as well.

Tom Barclay

Try degaussing your monitor and checking the moiré settings. Check that your
graphics card is seated properly in its slot, and that both ends of the
monitor cable are securely connected. Also check for broken or bent pins If
all else fails, it could be a sign of a failing monitor. I just had a one
year old Eizo Nanao monitor die after showing similar symptoms.

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