Blurred fonts on LCD monitor


Ian Bayly

Dell Dimension, 1901FP monitor and Intel 82865G integrated controller.

When opening apps this morning most fonts appeared in italics.
i.e go to IE, all fonts are italics.
Changed the theme in Display and italics disappeared and fonts became
normal, but out of focus.
Now any bolded font is very grainy, and in fact all fonts are blurry.
Switched monitors, reloaded both display and controller drivers - no

Do I go out and buy an external Video controller? If yes, any ideas as
what's good for normal office use, minimal games, but because I develop
applications on the PC I need top quality visual appearance.


Ian B

V Green

Apparently, MS pushed out a Intel video driver
update recently that broke things.

Check the traffic in:


for info on how others got around it.


Unbelievable! I'm getting the same issue and can barely see some screen shots
on a PowerPoint saved as html show that came in just fine previous to the
update. I can't find the answer in the windows update group--do you suggest a
keyword to search? Is there a way to roll back that part of the update! All
help greatly appreciated.


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