Blank screen with a box in upper left corner that has a little red square, a little green circle, an



Need help please,

I had this problem so long ago that I no longer remember why it's there, and
what to do about it. In the upper left had corner of a blank screen there's
a box with a little red square, a little green circle, and a little blue
triangle. It shows up when I'm trying to download a website with pictures.I
checked on the Internet and it said to go to Tools, Internet, Options,
Advanced, and check Show Pictures. I did, and it WAS checked. Up until just
recently, I had no problem with that outside of have the problem a very long
time ago. Is there something else I can do to resolve this problem?

[email protected]




You're probably using IE and the image is likely a PNG which is very well
supported (if at all) by IE. Right click on the box and choose properties,
it will tell you if it is or not, if it is try using Firefox, Opera or
another browser...

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