Blackberry Outlook calendar problems




Has anyone seen a Blackberry phone have problems with
recurring appointments in Outlook before? I'm using a
Blackberry 7280, and desktop software version 3.6 and I've
already applied all of the lastest "service packs". When I
change one appointment on my Blackberry(that is part of a
set of recurring appointments)such as changing the time,
it creates an "edit" for the original appointment, and
then creates a duplicate at the new requested time(so I
now have two appointments). I tried deleting all info. on
the Blackberry and when I synchronized, it added re-
curring appointments back onto my calendar that I had
already deleted! Again, it only occurs for re-curring
appointments(part of a series of appointments). Any ideas?
Remove the "_removethis" in my e-mail address when
replying please!





Yes I have seen this happen. Our current work around is a
utility that MS provided us that allows our Exchange admin
to delete the recurring messages in the affected user's
calendar. Problem is, this is not a fix and the problem
will resurface if the user starts playing around with too
many meetings at once. Call MS. They should have the
tool. Unfortunately, the only person who has this tool
here at my company is the exchange admin. She doesn't
like to share much.




Try this:

If you go under the Desktop Manager, under intellisync, under configure
PIM, Select the calendar, then configure, then advanced settings.
change it to sync all Items and not just future ones.

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