BitLocker: How to change drive letter S:



I installed BitLocker using MS "BitLocker Preparation Tool". Now S: is my
system partition and I cannot change this drive letter. Since we use software
that wants some data being located on S: I need to change this letter. I
found no 'regular' way to do this.

Would it help if I disable BitLocker, use letter S: for example CD-ROM or
something and then (when S: would not be available any more) re-install
BitLocker? Then I could change CD-ROM letter back to whatever and use S: for
this software.

Best regards,


Botted with Vista CD and repaired boot configuration. This obviously removed
'system' from this partition so I could remove it with device manager. Now
everithing is as it was before BitLocker.


Next time if you just want to change the drive letter of the boot partition
you can do it through the registry:
Just rename \DosDevices\S: to \DosDevices\M: for example. If you reboot
your system the drive letter will be changed to M: instead of S:.


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