Beware - Panda 2004 AV + XP


Chris Whelan

I recently upgraded Panda Titanium to Titanium 2004 on a box running XP Home
as part of a deal to encourage early renewal of update subscription. The new
version installed OK and has some useful new features.

Some weeks later I needed to use XP's System Restore and it failed with an
error message "Restoration Incomplete". I played around for best part of a
day before I discovered that I had to uninstall Titanium 2004 to allow
System Restore to work. Disabling the AV would not allow the restore process
to work, it had to be removed completely. I was able to restore in Safe mode
with the AV present however.

As a test, I tried installing Titanium 2004 on another PC, this one running
XP Pro, and exactly the same problem occurred.

I have emailed Panda technical support 6 times in the last 3 weeks. The only
reply advised me to "install the latest version of our software". As this is
what caused me the problem (and a lost day!) the reply was not helpful. I
have also requested the refund of my subscription but have heard nothing.

I'm posting this as a warning to others because you would be unaware of this
problem until you needed System Restore. However, I would obviously welcome
any suggested fixes as I like the daily updates Panda provide.


Pierre Dumont


I have the same problem with Titanium 2005. Just got it yesterday and
reading on the internet does not give me any confidence this problem will go
away. On my Xp Pro i was able to do restore, but the installation does not
seem to finish ok. I get alot of errors and get a lock at the end. I get a
BSOD and have to select last good boot.

I sent a few e-mail but nothing yet. I know 1 day is nothing but still they
advertise 24/7 365.

I asked for a refund and hoep to have it.

So I would not recommand the software for now. Titanium 2005 is new from
November 5th but still the same problems from 2004


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