Beware before Installing Vista SP1



I have a 1 year old Dell laptop and wanted to install Vista SP1.

Unfortunately Dell has not provided the updated drivers for the SigmaTel
Audio drivers and my version has issues with SP1.

Luckily I read this before installing it. Hopefully Dell will get on board
but I have no way of contacting them as I am out of warranty.

Check your drivers on this website before installing.

Here are the Trouble Audio Drivers but there are Video and others as well.

Audio drivers

Realtek AC'97 • For x86-based computers: Alcxwdm.sys - version or
• For x64-based computers: Alcwdm64.sys - version or earlier
SigmaTel • For x86-based computers: Sthda.sys - version 5.10.5762.0 or
• For x64-based computers: Sthda64.sys - version 5.10.5762.0 or earlier
SigmaTel • For x86-based computers: Stwrt.sys - version 6.10.5511.0 or
• For x64-based computers: Stwrt64.sys - version 6.10.5511.0 or earlier
Creative Audigy • For x86-based and x64-based computers: Ctaud2k.sys -
version or earlier
• For x86-based computers: P17.sys – all versions (This was originally a
Windows XP-based driver.)
Conexant HD Audio • For x86-based computers: Chdart.sys - version
or earlier
• For x64-based computers: Chdart64.sys - version or earlier


It's a simple fix really, uninstall the sigma tel driver via add/remove
programs, reboot, let the computer find the Microsoft driver, check windows
update, install sp1, wait a day or two using us m/s drivers, when you are
happy sp1 is working well, download and install the same sigma tel driver
you removed, it will install and work I understand it, the only
problem with the dell sigma tel driver is that the update process can not
control it's removal and reinstall by itself so, it needs your help.


chanook*xyz* I have the same situation as lforbes--Dell Support shows an up
dated Sigma Tel Driver but I have no idea whether it is for my system or
not. I have vista home basic 32-bit and has a Sigma Tel High Definition
Audio CODEC driver. So am not sure if the one Dell is showing is compatible
for me. Does anyone have a clue for me?
Thank you for your help.



Actually I went to the Dell Boards and found that although they didn't have
the updated driver in the Dell 6400, they had it in another computer type.
Therefore I upgraded the drivers to the new version and it worked fine.



Oh, I have the driver page. They just didn't put the Updated Driver on the
Inspirion 6400 page. It is on another laptops pages though and works fine.


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