Vista SP1 - Major network performance problems



I loaded Vista SP1 on three different computers. Two at home and one at work.

I have experienced major reductions in file copy performance over the network.

At work, my Vista x64 SP1 station has seen an 18 to 20 fold reduction in
network file copy performance between some servers. The reduction in
performance is from about 40 MB/s to 600 KB/s between certain Win2K3 servers.

At home, I have three Vista x64 systems. Two have SP1 and one does not.
Copying files from one Vista SP1 system to the other SP1 system has seen a
20 fold reduction in performance after SP1, however the performance reduction
is only in one direction. If I copy files TO the other machine, it's slow,
but if I copy files FROM the other machine, it's very fast. After SP1, the
speed was reduced from about 80 MB/s to less than 5 MB/s. I have no
performance issues copying to or from the non-SP1 machine from the other SP1

Of course, this is totally unacceptable and I cannot run the machines like
that. I have uninstalled SP1 from my work machine and now it's fine again.

At home, I've messed with it for days, trying all kinds of different
suggestions, drivers, registry hacks, and even tried different network cards
to no avail.

If I cannot fix these network performance issues, I won't be able to use SP1.
I'm really at a loss and grasping at straws here.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Mark L. Ferguson

I have no prob with Bob C's advice, but it didn't work for my system. I had
to set the Properties of the Ethernet device, in device manager, to '10 Mpbs
half duplex' to get the speed up. YMMV, I would try changing to several
speeds to see what works best.
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Mark L. Ferguson


in my ethernet device I see serveral option ranging from
1000 Mbps full to 10 Mbps half

I know that my network card only goes up to 100
should I set it as 100Mbps half then ?
what's the diference between half and full ?

cheers : )

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