Best way to create a Global Address list and Create Distribution List.

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Michael Hernandez

Using Outlook 2002 we created accounts for all employees
on the Microsoft Exchange server. We have them all listed
on the Global address List. We are going to start adding
a massive amount of outside contacts. My question is what
is the best approach for the following? The best way to
create distribution list for all our contacts. In some
cases one person might be on more then one distribution
list. Example.. Let's take a Manager. That person would
be on several distribution lists. Besides creating the
distribution list by going thru the Global Address list
and selecting one by one who you want on XYW distribution
list is there another way. This leads to another
question. All the people on our current Global Address
list have accounts on the exchange server because they are
employees. How do we get employees and outside contacts
on a global address list without creating accounts for
everyone? I'll stop here. Thanks for your help.

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