Beep questions



Hello all. I am currently working on a monster of a
project ie a (PC)computer with things missing and other
parts placed in the wrong slots. I have repeated tried
booting, however the beeps continue. Yea I know the beeps
codes however with many different theories like the power
supply is bad or the ram needs to be reseated. I going to
ask this to someone who knows, here goes: Continous short
beeps using I believe an Award BIOS any suggestions? thanks
sorry for the long winded post.


If you have one insert a POST card into a spare slot, this
will then display which device is causing the problem
during the boot sequence. You may need to check the code
book to find what devie it hangs on.

Also if it beeps for a few minutes after you shut it down,
this would be due to overheating!


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