Be Quiet! Straight Power E9 680W CM Semi Modular Power Supply


Mar 25, 2003
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eTeknix have reviewed the Be Quiet! Straight Power E9 680W CM Semi Modular Power Supply:

"Be Quiet’s reputation as a premium brand has gone from strength to strength in the PC hardware industry. Be Quiet perhaps became famous for their Dark Rock series of CPU coolers but alongside those they have had huge successes with their Shadow Rock CPU coolers, Silent Wings fans and their power supplies. Be Quiet have an extensive range of power supplies that span all different market segments starting with Dark Power Pro, then Straight Power, then Pure Power, then SFX Power, then TFX Power and then System Power. These roughly follow in order of “how good” they are with Dark Power Pro being the most premium series and System Power being the most basic.

Today we are looking at Be Quiet’s “second tier” of power supplies as we examine the Straight Power E9 680W CM semi modular power supply from Be Quiet. This power supply has all the premium features we’d expect to see from Be Quiet but at a more affordable price point compared to the Dark Power Pro. In fact the particular unit that we have today is more than capable of powering a whole variety of enthusiast class systems with 1-2 GPUs and even heavy power consuming platforms like X79."


Read the full review at eTeknix


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