BCM2007 - Database creation was usuccessful

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Bla¾ Kolmaniè


I have Vista Home Premium with Office 2007, BCM 2007 and SQL Express 2005.

Instalation of BCM 2007 went all fine without errors, but when i try to
create the new database on welcom screen i get the message "Database
creation was unsuccessful".
I've tried to create the database even with "BCM For Outlook 2007 Database
Tool" but get the same error.
I've tried reinstalling the BCM few times, but no luck.

In SQL Management Studio Express I can se that BCM created a new SQL
instance called MSSMLBIZ.

Thanks in advance for your answer!



Hi Bla,

Try running Outlook as an admin. You can do that by going to the Quick
Launch icons, right clicking on Outlook icon and selecting "Run as


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