I cannot Start SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ) service-specific error code



I’m running BCM for Outlook 2007. Windows XP Pro 64 Bit.

I get an error saying I cannot start bcm because the sql server service (the
bcm database service) is not running. Start the service, and then restart

I’ve already followed these instructions and I still cannot get bcm to run,
and side note, have no BCM menu bar in Outlook, it used to be there.

BCM database service is running (automatic), when I check Services. I stop
and start it and then and then restart Outlook and…same error message.

Of my SQL services, these are running and set to Automatic: SQL Server VSS
Writer, and Browser.

These are not running: SQL Server Active Directory Helper, and SQL Server

More, “my†login is the login that logs into SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ). I
checked and have full read/write and other permissions.

Is my problem with MSSMLBIZ? It is not running, I have login rights to it,
and when I try to Start it, I get this error: Windows could not start
MSSMLBIZ…service-specific error code 3417.

After some research, I discovered a suggestion to make sure of the following:
Double click on the service " SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ) " and check the "Log On"
tab. Make sure that the Local System Account radio button is selected.

So I changed my login from “my†login to Local System Account.

Still, I cannot Start SQL Server (MSSMLBIZ). I still get the previous
service-specific error code 3417 error.


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