BCM 2007 and switching between offline databases



Hi All,

Is it possible to switch between offline databases?

We have setup 2 databases on a remote server and are really rapped
with the offline feature. Until now, users had pretty much been
grouped as users of DB X or DB Y, until now. We have a user who needs
access to both X and Y.

While connected switching between them is not too much of a hassle
(via create or select DB, is there a better way?). The issue started
when the user was offline and needed access to DB Y but could only
access the database that was used last when online. Is there a
solution to switching between offline databases?

The data is on the local machine after all, so you'd think it would be

Your help is appreciated.


Mukesh Agarwal [MSFT]

Well, you scenario is interesting. Let me explain how Offline feature works
before I recommend a solution. Information about what database BCM connects
to and what's it's offline counterpart is stored in Outlook profile data. So
for example, if you are using ProfileA, the computer registry holds all
information about what accounts and stores are in that profile (such as mail
account, BCM database). When you switch to other database, the information
about previous database gets deleted from the profile data and new
information is saved. Now, if you wish to attach old database again, BCM is
not designed to remember the offline database name. So the relationship
doesn't persist once the profile is changed to point to some other database.

For this scenario, I would recommend users who need to access both database
create two seperate Outlook profiles. You can work with second database by
starting Outlook in second profile. This will preserve the association of
remote database with offline database.

I hope it helps.

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