Backup system, home premium?


Sven Pran

I am looking for a means to create system backup of my Vista Home premium
version in case I shall ever have to reinstall the system, for instance on a
new harddisk.

The backup help on my system tells me that the tool for this task is a "PC
Complete backup", but also that this is not available on Vista home

Apparently this system backup must be burned on a CD (or DVD), but where can
I find a utility that does just that?

regards Sven


Many people recommend Acronias True Image, others say use Ghost.

I use Acronis True Image. It works great once you figure out that
when you want to do incrementals, you either have to pick an existing
full bkup (ATI adds a 1, 2, 3 etc) or create a new one.

One of the neat facts is that I can backup any files on my network
to any destination on my network, including an external drive
attached to my Linux server.


I am using the Vista back-up one and it is working very good.
You can get it via confiuration screen / back-up centrum or via
computer/right mouse click on the disk / requirements and tab Extra
It is correct, the first time it makes and full back-up on the medium you
choose (it do it on and external HDD), the other times it is and incremental
Restoring maps our looking for individual files works perfect so i don't see
why to use third party SW which are creating only risks to make your system
The only problem is once you choose and other medium our time its starts all
over again with a full back-up.
When i perform a back-up on a DVD (only 6 monthly) and switch than back to
the HDD it is starting againg with a full back-up, with third party SW - you
can make your choose of couse...
You can als take a fix day to start automatically a back (incremental) ...


Sven Pran

Yes, I am aware of the Vista backup, but that is not sufficient if (as I
have experienced) the entire harddisk is destroyed and must be replaced.
In that case the "normal" procedure seems to be that you take the original
system recovery CD that came with your machine and re-install the system.
Yhen you have to go through all the updates that have occurred for that
system and you have to reconfigure your system, And now at last can you get
your machine back to life with your applications backup.

What I am looking for is some means to create a "system recovery CD" which
when used will immediately restore (or create) my system according to the
state at the time I created that CD, which of course will be whenever I know
that there has been a substantial change to my system from last time I did
this job.

Then I shall be happy to use Vista backup for my applications.

On my last XP-machine I have used Ghost to create an image of the harddisk
at regular intervals. When I recently had a complete harddisk failure I
tried to boot from this image. The boot process proceeded until I had the
Windows XP logo displayed on the screen but I never got the user logos so I
was unable to log on to the system. I suspect this had to do with the fact
that the boot was from the image disk on E: and that the image included some
(critical) references to C: which of course at that time was empty.

regards Sven

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