Backup and restore function



Hi. This is my first post. I'm looking for info about how backup and restore
works. I've been using it to backup my C drive for several months. Did the
wizard setup, everything seems to work. I want a maintenance free daily
incremental backup of my hard drive to a second external drive.

Now the backup drive is full and backup and restore won't do any more
backups. It doesn't clear off old backups to make room for new ones? I've
used Norton Ghost and it does this.

It suggests I make room on the drive, but I have no idea what to delete
without messing up the backup structure. Any suggestions?

If anyone knows or knows where I can go to find out, I'd much appreciate the

Hawaii Recruiter

I have the same problem and did delete the old restore points hoping it
would make room on the HD. The only thing I was successful at was deleting
perfectly good restore points and still not able to make new ones. Be
careful if you try to delete your old ones...same thing might happen. If
you find out anything on a fix please let me know and I will do the same....



I talked to Microsoft tech support and this program doesn't have this
function. I'm switching to Norton Ghost 12. It's a little trickier to use,
but it definitely does maintain your backup drive and automatically deletes
old backups for you.

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