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Avatar Sizer

What is an Avatar?
An Avatar is a small image used in Forums,
Mobile Phones, Instant Messenger programs (IMs),
PDAs etc. to identify yourself or your contacts.
In Forums Avatars are usually displayed to the
left of your post, directly beneath your Username.
In IMs, Mobile Phones, PDAs etc. Avatars are used
to show your caller a graphical representation
of who they are talking to and/or, as part of
the phonebook/address entry.

Why would I need an Avatar Sizer?
Avatars should be quite small, check your Forum
or IM rules for the exact size. Usually Avatars
should be no larger than 150x150 pixels in size
and less than 36KB. If you don't already have
an image editing program you need Avatar Sizer
to resize your image to make it into an Avatar.
The Avatar you create with Avatar Sizer can be
any size from 1x1 pixels to 150x150 pixels.

Can any image be made into an Avatar?
In theory, Yes! Provided you have the rights
to use the image and the image you have is one
of the ones Avatar Sizer can handle, you can
turn it into an Avatar. So, for example, if
you've taken a picture with your digital camera
or camera phone, you can turn it into an Avatar.


Conny (CoMa) Magnusson
(e-mail address removed)
ICQ : 1351964
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THEN eat missionary.


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Thanks CoMa, this looks interesting. I've bookmarked to come back later.

I have now tried the program "Avatar Sizer" and compaired
it to Fookes Easy Thumbnailer and some other thumbnail programs
(both freeware and shareware).
I can only say this;
It is a pretty useless program! :)

Fookes Easy Thumbnailer produce smaller and better looking
"avatar" sized images then Avatar Sizer do.


Conny (CoMa) Magnusson
(e-mail address removed)
ICQ : 1351964
I don't just tempt fate,
I give it the finger.

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